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Mask Detection

Choose if you want to receive alerts if the user is wearing a mask or not

Attendance Questions

Add questions to be answered by the users before signing in.

Auto Sync

Sync your users directly to our portal.

Events Management

Create the upcoming events to be visible for the users.

Temperature Management

Scan users' temperature and receive alerts when the temperature is in high range.

Records Management

Manage your data and attendance records, all in one place.

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Attendance Tracking

Using cutting edge AI technology, the system automatically identifies users faces for seamless and accurate attendance tracking.

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View & download comprehensive attendance reports (PDF & Excel)

Direct Messaging

Send messages and post  announcements directly to employees (Text, Email or  App notifications).

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Phone App

Convenient access for staff & employees to manage their attendance on the go.

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Multi Location Support

App supports multiple locations and branches, with the ability to view each location's data independently.

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Photo Gallery

Post your organization’s photos, for all users to view from the app

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Get reminders to sign in/out when arriving or leaving the premises.

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Imageless Face Recognition

Ability to use cutting edge Facial recognition, without the need to store the face images

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Facial Recognition

Get recognized without having to enter your password/pin. Recording attendance becomes much simpler and safer

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Multi Language Support

Apps and the portal are localized to different languages, and will be continuing to support more languages

Data import

Upload multiple users’ data using the import feature

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Can I try SmileMe.In for free?

Yes. Customers who sign up for a free trial, will not be charged as long as they are within the free trial days 

Can I use one SmileMe.In subscription to link more than one device

Yes, you can link as many devices as possible and control them from the portal instantly and easily. 

Is it necessary to purchase a FaceGraph device in order to use the SmileMe.In service?

Yes, our cloud service can only be used with our FaceGraph products. 


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